QuickBooks is accounting software which is used for small and medium-sized business and company. It was developed and marketed by Intuit and first, it was developed in the USA in the year 1983. QuickBooks application provides functions like business payments, pay the bill and manage the payroll of a company.

Upgrades new version of QuickBooks

You can upgrade the latest version of QuickBooks and it is very easy to upgrade the new version of QuickBooks software application. You need to install the latest version of QuickBooks after that open your QuickBooks business file and you will see your data converts to the newer version.

This is easy to update the version of QuickBooks but sometimes when you open your file after updating the version you see an error, sometimes you required rebuilding the file first and you fail to rebuild the files and your entire upgrading process fails in this way. If you are facing issues when you are updating the QuickBooks software then you can direct contact QuickBooks customer care number 1-844-426-3652.

You need not be panic in this situation, you can try the given below instructions.

  1. You can just continue using the older version of QuickBooks which you are using before, but this is not the solution as you are upgrading for some reason or for better use or for some new features, which are added to the newer version of the QuickBooks. You can make backup files and try to use the files in the newer version.
  2. You can repair your data and converted and then you can use the newer version. This can be done in one day or it will take some days, rarely in some cases, data rebuild and conversion may take a longer time.

Procedure to rebuild the data files in QuickBooks:

  • Open the QuickBooks and click on the File
  • After that click on Utilities under which you can select Rebuild data
  • If you are seeing a warning message for rebuild click on the Ok
  • After completion of rebuild click on OK
  • Then run Verify Data to check the data damage.

You can avoid any issue in data files by doing verification on that file before you uninstall the older version and installing the newer version.

QuickBooks repair software application provides the function to recover all the components of QuickBooks database files; it provides the complete recovery of data files. If you are facing above given errors in QuickBooks software, then you can reach to QuickBooks technical support number at any time. Technicians are available every time that means 24/7 customer service. After connecting with the experts of QuickBooks customer support you will able to resolve all issues related to QuickBooks without wasting your time.