To fix AVG install issue you can use tool that helps to repair common issues of the computer, protect your system from malware, threats, and also optimize your system to perform well. Fix PC issues and prevent your system from other happening with this software.

  • Download PC Repair Tool that helps to protect the system with patent technologies
  • Click on the start scan to find those window issues that create the problem.
  • Click on the Repair all too just fix all the issues.

Sometimes it happens that AVG installation freezes most of the time that try to run it. I will let you know the issues by which these installations fail, as well as whatever action you can take to fix it. If you are facing issues when you install AVG antivirus on your system then you can contact AVG Customer Care Number 1-844-426-3652.

Why does AVG not install in window 10?

Sometimes it happens that our system gets the freeze and us unable to install AVG antivirus on window 10 because of the following reason:

  • Your system does not support AVG

Check that your system whether fit with the minimum requirement of AVG, otherwise installation may create issues. AVG easily run on the windows, from latest version to window 10. For more information related to the installation go to our AVG support page.

  • OS create issues because it does not support the latest version of AVG

Check whether your OS is updated or not. If it is not updated it may create the problem. To configure it with window 10 go to the then click on the update and security and after that click on the window update and after that just hit on the update button.

  • Delete the old version of Antivirus

Make sure your system setting is not using any other antivirus, if yes then it may create issues. So, first delete your present Antivirus that is used in the system.

  • Sometimes it happens that some application may block the install

Sometimes it happens that your system may create issues while installing, to overcome from this issue restarts your system. Sometimes it happens that running application on the window may block the AVG antivirus installation.

  • Always install the updated version of AVG

Use the latest version of antivirus software, sometimes it happens that installation may cause issues because your system does not compatible with the latest version of AVG Antivirus.

  • First, Uninstall the AVG before re-installing it

First, clear the entire file before installing the AVG Antivirus. To complete the uninstallation you may need a help of a tool like AVG remover tool. To know about this tool you can contact to AVG support number.

At end of the article, I must say if any one user of the AVG has any type of quarry related to the AVG Antivirus can contact AVG technical support number at any time. We have a well-skilled technician that helped you to resolve all the issues that occur related to the AVG Antivirus.