HDMI ( High-Definition Multimedia Interface  ) is a digital replacement for DVI-HDCP video and most of us get a problem with their HDMI port. If you are facing any issue in your HDMI port then you are at the right place you will full details about this in this blog. After connecting the HDMI port and you are not able to see any image or hear any sound then you will get some useful tips here and you can resolve the issue.  Here You will get a resolution of Dell HDMI port issues. If you want any type of assistance regarding this issue you can contact us at Dell Customer Care Number +1-844-426-3652


Configure your System display setting

If you have some issue with your HDMI port on your system then it may be due to an incorrect display setting, please check the display setting. To check system display setting click windows logo + P key. You can display mode as PC screen only, Duplicate, Extend, the Second screen only.

  • PC screen only: it is for the first monitor only.
  • Duplicate: It will display The same content on both monitors.
  • Extend: It is used for extended desktop.
  • Second screen only: it is used for the second monitor.

Restarting the system:

Sometimes restarting your system whenever you have some issue is the powerful method to resolve that. After restarting you can reconnect.

-disconnect all the HDMI cables from your port.

-properly shut down your system and if you are using laptop remove the battery also.

– After five minutes plug the power or battery and restart your system and reconnect the HDMI cable.

These are some ways to resolve the HDMI port issue however if you want any assistance regarding this feel free to call our technical team at  Dell Technical Support Number. We have well qualified and well trained technical team, they are updated on any type of issues related to dell products.

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