Common issues in Amazon Echo Alexa and its solution

Amazon Alexa is a virtual web assistance developed by Amazon. This device firstly used in Amazon Echo speaker which is developed by Amazon. This is the best device used for voice interaction, play music, setting alarm, and providing real-time information about weather, sports. It can also be used to control the home automation system. If you are facing issues in Amazon Echo Alexa then contact Amazon Echo Alexa Customer Care Number 1-844-426-3652.

The most common Issue which occurred in Amazon Alexa

  • WiFi connectivity error:

This is the most common issue which occurred on Amazon Alexa. It might be occurred due to some issue with the router. To resolve this problem you can reboot your router and turn off your Echo and turn ON again. If the problem still remains you can contact to our best trained technical support teams, they will guide in the better way to resolve your problems.

  • Connectivity error with another device:

This is another issue which occurred in Alexa. Firstly you can check your device is compatible with Echo or not. For connectivity sometimes it needs a bridge like SmartThings or wink hub. For better assistance on this issue, you can directly contact5 to our technical support teams, they will guide you in the best way to resolve your issue.

  • Alexa does not understand you:

This is another common issue faced by users. You can first use the voice training tool. You can find voice training tool in Alexa under setting option. Setting> voice Training tool. To help Alexa to learn your lexicon you will be asked to speak 25 pre-selected 25 phrases. For better assistance you can contact our best trained te3chnical support teams, they will guid4e you in the best way possible to resolve your issue.

  • Does not connect to my Bluetooth device:

This is another common issue in Alexa. You can unpair and pair again with your device to resolve this issue. You can open the Alexa app and in setting click on the Echo device and select the Bluetooth and clear all the pair devices. You can pair it again with your device. If the issue still remains you can contact our technical support teams, they will guide you in a better way to resolve this issue in the best possible way.

  • Alexa is not working properly:

If your Alexa is not working properly after trying everything then you can do the factory reset and it will become New Alexa again. There is a reset button next to adaptor you can press that button until it turns orange. After reset you have set up your Echo again with all your devices where it requires.

If you are searching Echo technical support then dialing Amazon Echo Alexa Customer Support Number. We are providing the best technical support to the Amazon Echo Alexa device.